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Okay someone pls pls PLS help me out
are there any other good feederism dating sites besides dims and Fantasy feeder?? There wasnt much on Dims' dating board and I get stalked by old creepy guys on fantasy feeder.

But I need me a BHM before I go insane....Ive been single for far to long. and a feeding relationship would be preffered, however a normal one with a sexy fat guy is ideal as well...

I'm not asking for much lol....Just a BHM between 18 and 22 near Ohio lol....

aghhhh I think I might go crazy

  • 1 is pretty good and they have some links

(Deleted comment)
ah Im sorry....ill still feed u. just no long term thing.

(Deleted comment)
I actually met a guy on there and we dated for about a month......haha didnt work out because he was much older but ya know.... tahnks for the suggestion

hello from Colorado

Hi name is John. I am 31 and have been into the feeder scene for a little while. Usually through eating contest challenges with my FF's. I have never had one win yet,he,he. Anyway work for the airlines will travel, I am 220 and 5'10 with black hair. If you are interested the email is

Re: hello from Colorado

thanks for the offer babe....but I'm just graduating high school....I really want to keep the age difference within a few years.

Re: hello from Colorado

Whooa! Sorry about that kid, I seriously thought you were in your early twenties. I tell you what though... if your ever down in Denver, look me up and let's show these Rockies girls how a real woman wins an eating contest. Take care of yourself and best of luck to you out there.
sincerely, John

All I can say is patience. That's all you can really hope for. Sure FF is full of creepy people but if you keep your eyes peeled and wits about you, you can sort and find someone.

Also sometimes the perfect guy is right in front of you, you just have to look for him.

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