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Hey I'm backkk
Sooo here's whats happend. umm I was in the hospital for a month. I had a really bad allergic reaction to some medication and like couldnt breathe and my school called 911 and then my lungs collapsed...I was in ICU for 6 days and then in general rooming for the rest of the month. Then I was swamped with make up work and it rly didnt help that the week i came back we had finals haha. no worries I got all A's and one B ( tear).

Um...Ive lost a few...not intentionally....just I havent been force feeding anymore. just going with the flow rly for now. I have ventured off into the wonderful world of mutual gaining.... see I was never rly sure if i liked big men as well...but as soon as I gave it a chance.....mmmm...........six packs are SOOOOOO overrated.

I was dating a guy from Dims for a while...he like stole my heart. but there was a ten year age gap not to mention the long just got to be too much. But yeah he was perfect haha....500 pds of pure sexy. this current dilema...Audra needs a BHM :'( which is hard to find in NE Ohio.... :P agh...makes me sad lol...

but um Ive got to head off to muh job and make my PEACE!!!



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