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Sooo some of ya'lll might be happy.
So I stopped purposely gaining....however this does not mean I'm on a diet. I'm just gonna eat what I want, when I want end of discussion....and since I tend to eat like a boy....I'm almost 145 this about them apples lmao.

Request pics if you want....I'm not gonna expose myself on the net if only 2 people wanna see, no what Im saying??

lol...ummm and I'm on spring break this week woohoo!!!!


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(Deleted comment)
lol...I was one here a while back as dangerouscurvz but I lost my password and it wouldnt send to my email lol....we wuz friends before :P

and I know lol...and he needs to walk in soon cause its pretty lonely :(

would love to see pics just in case you happen to lose weight later! if it's spring break some bikini pics would be appropriate I think :)

I'm not trying to actively lose weight....weight is a touchy subject with me as in the past I have struggled with anorexia and lowest weight being 64.

and im a classy girl

Good to see someone back as the majority of journals and LJ communities I check are long dead. It's a shame really.

I thought you weren't showing pictures until you were 18. Did you have a change of heart or something?

well I found out 17 was ohio's age of consent who knew I've come out of my shell alot

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